Patio Ideas – Decorating Designs and Furniture Styles

Often the most enjoyable patio ideas to put into a home improvement project are the ones involving decor and furniture. Putting in lots of cement and taking care of a garden is just a lot of work.

Plus, you probably already have some of the basic structures in place like a roof or pathways. You can use a few new perspectives on how to make your backyard look better without going through an extensive DIY project.

Casual and Mexican Furniture Designs

You can also let the materials that you already have in your space determine your layout. A brick design tends to be more formal; so wrought iron furniture or smaller bistro sets work well with this.

Outside furniture includes a lot more than table or chair sets. Patio ideas with fire pit designs have risen in popularity. You can even find sleek versions built right into a coffee table, or look for glass chip or crystal designs. You’ll of course need to adhere to any safety precautions when using any kind of fireplace.

You can also add daring color to your space through the use of tiles. This could be in a water feature or fountain; but it’s much simpler to use it on your table. This is taking the place of a lot of outdated tempered glass designs.

Mosaic tile tables initially feel very Spanish. However, instead of typical mosaic patterns you can just find square glass pieces which mimic big indoor trends as well. This might just be a furniture piece with a lot of glaze on it instead of being made from actual glass tile. Wrought iron bases are also being streamlined with less scrollwork.

Patio Design Ideas

One of the biggest design challenges that you’ll face is how to find cheap ways to make outdoor concrete look more interesting. Your furniture choice can blend in with this. For a modern touch find garden sectionals. This is going to turn even a small or simple patio into a hang out space. Resin and pvc versions of wicker are popular in most design styles, but you want to stick with a chocolate brown or a black tone. Skip your basic floral prints and stripes and go with crisp white fabrics to continue the contemporary feeling.

If you want a modern effect then focus on side tables with a led base. This isn’t going to be bright enough to read by; but it does add ambiance and is an unexpected lighting choice.

Bringing in stone on pillars or with pavers can be expensive. Instead, just try this out on your furniture. It will still match the gray of the concrete but it adds additional texture. Slate has orange undertones for a slightly Tuscan feeling to your space. If you’re on a budget and want to create this look then go with terra cotta planters and bright red cushions.

One of the biggest trends that you’ll see in a design gallery or pictures will be painted furniture. It’s popular to have different colors of the same chair. Even if you just have inexpensive plastic furniture you can spruce it up with special spray paint every few years. Use bright pinks and trendy apple greens. If you invest in Adirondack chairs these can be pretty pricy so you’ll have them for awhile. Keep them white for a beach vibe; but brings in reds and blue for a country look.

Patio Shade Ideas

Typically this would include a cheesy outdoor umbrella. However, lately there’s been a big trend towards screens, shades, and curtains. This can be a simple roller shade to give it the feeling of an outdoor room and let in light. However, if you want privacy from the neighbors, then consider a bamboo version. You can even create this look with bamboo fencing or simple stalks of bamboo. When using any kind of new material outside consider how it will hold up to your specific weather conditions. Then you can treat it as a screened in room or turn it into a three season space for an enclosed feel.

Outdoor Designs and Materials

If you’re on a budget then just try mixing materials and then making a big statement with your decorating. You might not be able to afford an entire flagstone or paver patio. However, maybe you can use this material on the steps and stairs and then go with a cheaper deck; or look at the cost of concrete.

You also want to consider the square footage that you’re working with. If you have a small or tiny space then going with a lawn or ornate landscaping might not even be possible. You might want to consider an extension that will take up your entire yard. Spend the money that you would have used on plants and greenery and invest it in your construction. New patio ideas include patio tiles over concrete which is a totally new take on flooring. You can still get all of the functionality of a larger room if you know how to build a wall fountain. You can also try out stamped concrete versions for an inexpensive option for flooring.

You can also add functionality to your porch by giving it the feeling of a home kitchen. This can be quite an expensive undertaking. However, diy versions are modular. You might not need a lot of appliances outside if you have an easy to clean work area and a bbq.

There are also smaller renovation designs you can use. This could just be new edging around your plant beds. You can create this out of stone or get premade iron lattice versions. This can also match your existing railing or wrought iron fence for an English garden feeling. Patio ideas can fit within a budget if you’re willing to do a lot of the labor and design yourself.