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If you’re stuck in Utah like I am then landscape design pictures can get you through some pretty tough times: like when it snows in the middle of spring. Plus, it helps you find inspiration for your own landscaping designs. Here is some of my favorite cc photos of backyards and why I love them.

This first photo is adorable just because I think it could translate well into any of the xeriscaping that you might want to do if you like green design or live in a desert area. You might even want to consider a scaled down version if you just hate working in the yard. Sure, there’s tons of trees and lawn around it, but I think the center area could work in all different climates. The focus is on the bright fabrics, which match Southern Utah. So the big takeaway lessons from this is that if you can’t plant flowers for color, use them on your furniture. The stainless steel uses the same colors of the concrete but in a much more luxirious way. I also like how they sectioned off the rest of the yard with the screen.

landscape yard pictures

Jeff Sandquist CC Photo

I really love the idea of using concrete stain and interesting geometry to just liven up patios. You can even draw the inspiration from real rock such as sandstone even if it wouldn’t otherwise be suitable or affordable for patio use. I’m used to varying shades of brown in concrete stain, but I love the idea of this brighter style of patio. I only wish I had an actual backyard to use this color palette in.

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Gee Cee Bee CC Photo

AT first I looked at this cc photo by naloboy and thought “Ohhh that’s a pretty water feature”. Then I looked closer and saw jets and read the description. This is a hot tub. Usually a jacuzzi is just a little bit unsightly but everyone loves them. However, I think this is the first time I saw a hot tub and was impressed by the design of it instead of just the function.

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Naloboy CC Photo

I really love all the plants, stones, and of course the waterfall. Then it just looks like a water feature instead of just a hot tub. These pictures prove that no matter your space, budget or functional concerns are you can still have a great looking patio.

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