Landscaping Ideas: Backyard Edition

When it comes to landscaping ideas, backyard ones tend to be the most fun to deal with. This is because the backyard is by default generally the place where families have their activities. The added privacy of being in the back yard helps to create a more friendly and informal environment where it’s ok to just kick back and have some fun. Front yards tend to be more formal and the lack of privacy can mean that a lot of activities just aren’t as comfortable due to the prying eyes of passersby.

Cheap backyard ideas are another selling point for this type of home improvement. Because the look of the features isn’t quite as important as it would be in a more visible location, you can be a bit more creative and unique, without having to worry that the look might not quite fit with the rest of the house and garden. This allows for a personal touch that while perhaps not the most aesthetic of options, is the type of thing which makes a house your home.

Central Planning for Your Backyard

The freedom to be creative doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take into account how the other features of your house and garden will be affected by the new addition though. Far from it! This is still perhaps the single most important step to take when planning to build a new landscaping feature, whether it’s for the front yard or the back. By ensuring that the pieces of the puzzle fit together nicely, you are going to make the backyard more user friendly, and make each feature more efficient at the same time.

This is especially important when you are dealing with limited spaces. Then, you often need features to work together very well, and even to serve dual purposes. Backyard design ideas in these sorts of cases have more to do with making sure you use structures which can accommodate several different types of functionality, and how much you can fit into a smaller space. It can really be a difficult job to come up with these sorts of small backyard ideas. Landscaping in such cases can be quite the puzzle indeed, with each individual piece drastically affecting the others because of the close proximity between them.

ideas for backyard landscaping

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Unique Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

Sometimes it takes a certain something, a little extra kick, to really spice up your yard. In the front yard it might be a little risky to take the plunge so to speak, but in the back yard as already noted, you have a little more flexibility and freedom to really push the limits of your creativity. This might take the form of introducing a new material or more bold color scheme, or just creating your own unique type of structure. This can be a way to really set your yard apart from the sea of normalcy that so many suburb neighborhoods take on.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be outrageous or even expensive to do either. There are a lot of rather simple ways to spice up your already existing features with paints or stains that for some reason don’t see as much use as they should. How many dull gray concrete walkways have you seen? Every yard seems to have one. With just a little extra time and expense, that dull gray walkway could be turned into a beautiful and natural looking work of art. Using acid stains you can put a finish on concrete that can mimic the look of cut natural stone, for just a fraction of the price. This is a way you can really help your back yard to stand out and look much more expensive than it really is.

Spice Up Your Garden With a Gazebo Canopy

One of the more useful products you can add to your backyard is a gazebo canopy. Lightweight and easy to set up, these are just the sort of features that you can get a lot of use out of regardless of where or when the activity occurs. This holds true for gardens as well as the beach or just out on the patio. With protection from the hot sun’s rays, and the occasional rain shower, you can really make your back yard a much more comfortable place to be in most any weather.

Not only can you make it more comfortable for you and your family, but also for your plants. Young seedlings that are just getting started need protection from the intense sun and heavy rains. With drop down netting you can take a lot of the pests out of the mix too, which will help your new plants start out healthy, which will go a long way towards making your garden more productive and beautiful as well. Plus it’s a great place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of your garden!

Then when you decide to go camping or to the beach to enjoy swimming in the sea, you can pack up the gazebo canopy and take it with you. Lightweight enough to stow away in the van or truck, and sets up in minutes, a pop up gazebo canopy is the perfect addition to any outdoor excursion. You do have to be somewhat careful with it though, as the more lightweight a gazebo canopy is, the less sturdy you can expect it to be. Still, with lightweight aluminum or even fiberglass poles, the strength to stand up to the elements is still possible without compromising too much on weight.

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