Enclosed Patio – Open Up Your Yard

An enclosed patio is a great way to ensure you can enjoy your yard, whatever the weather. Ever have a nice relaxing day in your yard interrupted with a rain storm or too many mosquitoes? Sure, we all have. The answer to this problem is an enclosed patio.

An enclosed patio doesn’t have to be a major expense. A simple canvas awning and some netting is a cheap and easy way to turn any patio into an all weather conservatory where you can enjoy your yard, rain or shine. As a plus, the netting and awning can be retracted when you don’t need the shelter from the elements or mosquitoes. This method is quite simple, and you can even buy pre-built patio screen enclosures that will turn any patio into an enclosed patio.

For some though, a more sturdy approach is in order. An enclosed patio, when properly built, can even be used as a family room or dining room. This allows you to spend time close to nature while doing everyday things like eating dinner, playing a board game with the kids, or watching your favorite movie.

At the same time you will have a wonderful place to take a nap in a hammock. You might even end up setting up a tent inside and sleeping there on balmy summer nights. It’s a great place for “camp-outs” with your kids without the mosquitoes or need for stinky insect sprays.

There are many different starting points and styles for an enclosed patio. As the name suggests, a patio is a good place to work off of. Many different structures can be modified to get there. A patio, porch, deck, gazebo, or pergola can be enclosed, or a room in your house could even be “opened” up by adding windows to the same effect. You may even find yourself building a whole new structure from scratch. The possibilities are endless. The unifying theme is to bring nature into your home, or your home into nature.

Enclosed Patio

CC photo from Jeff Covey

To accomplish this you want to make sure that the finished product remains as open and airy as possible. Lots of wide windows to accommodate the view will bring nature into the room. High ceilings and skylights are important in obtaining this effect. Color palette is helpful as well. Natural hues can enhance the outdoors feel, while light pastels can add a little pizazz without distracting the eye.

In cooler climates, good insulation is important. The whole point of an enclosed patio is lost if it’s too cold in the winter to enjoy it. Double paned windows are necessary in that case; screens just won’t cut it. A fireplace could be a good addition as well. In warmer climates, having windows that open to let in a cool breeze on warm days, or even air-conditioning may be more useful.

Whichever path you choose, a well-designed enclosed patio can add months of outdoors enjoyment for you and your family.

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