Overlooked Driveway Ideas

We’re all familiar with the more common driveway ideas, and how could we not be?  They are ever-present reminders of homogeneity wherever you happen to live. Even the most bland driveway can be spiced up with a bit of creativity and hard work.

Landscaping options when planned alongside your driveway can even make plain old concrete look like an integral part of your home’s overall presentation.  Some parts of the landscaping, such as older trees, can’t really be modified to new construction, so modify your construction to them.  Perhaps instead of a straight driveway, a curve around a tree, or splitting around it, you could make your driveway stand out from all the rest.  Not to mention the actual utility that the tree can add to your driveway, shading cars from the hot afternoon sun.  So bear in mind shading while coming up with your driveway ideas.

Other landscaping options are more flexible, and can be worked into your driveway project more easily.  Planters built into the driveway can help ‘steer’ the eye with lush greenery or brightly colored flowers, or might even allow you to display some of your gardening skills as you grow fruits and vegetables along your driveway.  These planters could be raised and incorporated into benches, or simply left as open areas within the driveway.  Ideas for what plants to use can be derived from the color scheme for your house and the rest of your lawn and garden.  When using vegetables, you might even try some of the less common varieties which have interesting and rare coloration like purple peppers or ornamental squash.

Driveway lighting is another area where the look of your driveway can be drastically affected for relatively little investment.  Their impact is especially important at night.  Solar powered driveway lights are becoming more and more common, and make for easy installation.  Other lighting possibilities may be less common and require much more planning, such as embedded driveway lights, where the lighting is in recesses in the driveway itself.  Not only do the recesses need to be planned for, but the wiring as well.  And you won’t be moving the lights around if you don’t like the effect, so care is necessary if going this route.

Of course there are different materials that your driveway can be constructed with.  Using a less common material can really make your driveway a focal point for your yard.  If expense is a limiting factor on what driveway ideas you can consider, you could reserve a special stone type that you really like for use only in a few bands or as edging, and use less expensive materials for the rest.  Not only will this improve the look of your driveway, but it will make it stand out even from those which use the materials you’ve chosen.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get a great look.  Dyes for concrete are available for next to nothing, and even already poured concrete can be given a new look with acid wash, acid etching, and/or acid stain.  With a wide variety of such products the looks available are as endless as your imagination.

Creative Commons Photo from SupremeCrete

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