Patio Roof Ideas – Awning or Stand Alone?

On hot summer days there’s not much that can bring so much value to your yard as a patio roof, giving you some cooling shade when it’s needed most. Whether or not you have something to provide shade can mean the difference between having an enjoyable day outdoors, or being stuck inside with the air conditioning blasting, all the while wishing that some clouds would come out so it’s not so terribly hot.

Luckily for us there’s a wide array of options that can provide that shade in a great different variety of ways. From light cloth shade canopies to heavy wrought iron pergolas, surely there’s something for everyone and every budget.

The real difficulty can be to sift through all the products to find the one that is right for you and your family. Never fear though, because with a structured approach that takes into account the functions that are important to you, you can narrow the list down to a more manageable one that will make it a much easier task to pick the right patio roof for you.

The first question that should probably be answered is how much are you willing to spend? This is going to have a big impact on what are really options, and what are really nothing more than pipe dreams. You can still find budget friendly patio ideas. Armed with a proper budget you can determine what your options are and focus on those.

A second, and almost as important, consideration is whether you want the patio roof to be a stand alone structure, or have it attached to your house or other already present building. This is important because an attached patio roof will affect not only the patio itself, but also the building it is attached to. It can lower your air conditioning bills in summer, but if you’re not careful, could actually raise your heating bills in winter.

You can help to combat this with the proper orientation and height of you patio roof, or can go with a retractable type of awning that will let you customize your shade profile throughout the year, or even throughout the day, as the need arises.

With a standalone unit you don’t have as many concerns at to the impact on your home, but you do have more to worry about with building a whole new structure to support the patio roof. The type of required structure will vary quite a bit based on the type of roof or canopy that you will be installing over your patio. Sometimes it’s just a few metal poles to stretch a fabric cover over for an open-air tent or pergola. Other times it may be much more involved and require a good foundation to build on.

Another big concern with adding a patio roof to your home or yard is how well it will fit in with the rest of your landscaping. While a shiny aluminum structure may be very beautiful in it’s own right, it may not fit in with your garden. Materials aren’t the only area where this comes into play either, as colors can really make or break the look. It can be the difference between an eyesore and properly melding your home and garden together into a coherent and graduated whole.

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