Covering Patio Roofing Ideas

Although not a traditional feature, patio roofing is becoming more and more popular due to the way it increases the livability of your patio among other reasons. With protection from the elements, whether it’s the hot sun on a summer’s day or the rain during a thunderstorm, having a covering for your patio is a great way to open up your backyard for you and your family to enjoy regardless of the weather.

Adding a patio roof of your own is a great way to add to the value above and beyond what patio slabs can offer on their own. That’s saying a lot because patios, even without roofing, are one of the more important features of many landscapes. Giving a stable and even surface to place furniture on or to facilitate various outdoor activities, patios have always brought a lot of functionality to the table. By adding patio roofs into the equation you are ensuring that you can make use of that functionality when you want, rather than having mother nature dictate to you when the acceptable times will be.

Formulate Your Game Plan

To kick off your patio roof ideas, first you need to consider what type of activities you want to facilitate on your patio. Not everything is compatible with a given type of patio roof. Furthermore, some activities like basketball would not work with a roof overhead, unless it was specially designed to give you the vertical clearance that such an activity requires.

It might seem that because of this that covering your patio would eliminate such activities, but in those cases you can preserve the ability to enjoy those types of sports while still giving yourself the protection from the elements. Knowing how to do so is dependent on realizing what you need to accommodate, so plan ahead!

Know Your Alternative Patio Cover Options

As with any home improvement project, approaching patio roofing with a bit of skepticism is a healthy way to make sure that you aren’t going to do more harm than good. In the aforementioned circumstance involving basketball being played on the patio, by adding a low roof you will be eliminating that activity from being possible. If you want both the basketball and protection from the elements you have a couple options. Understanding the pluses and minuses of those options will help you to decide which is best for you, or if you’re really better off with something else altogether.

The first option is to create a patio roof that is high enough to accommodate playing basketball under. This can be a major undertaking and may not fit in very well with most homes and landscaping. Not to mention most budgets. Still, if the activity is very important to you and your family, it might be worth considering.

A less expensive and more versatile option would be to opt for a different type of patio covering than a permanent roof. There are many products out on the market that can allow you to cover your patio when you need to, and open it back up again when you want to enjoy activities like basketball or other sports. This could mean opting for a portable gazebo canopy or pop up tent that can be moved around as needed, providing the protection from the elements wherever you happen to place it.

This could be used on the patio when there aren’t other activities to interfere, and moved somewhere out of the way when you need to clear some space. As a plus, you can use these types of items when you head out on the road too, as pop up tents and portable gazebos are great for camping trips or a day at the beach. Another product in this category would be a retractable patio awning. When you want to have the shade or cover from the rain, you can extend the awning and keep yourself from getting sunburned or wet. Then when you want to open up the sky, you can retract the awning. It’s as simple as that.

There are other similar options, such as to simply fore-go having a cover for your patio at all. Instead you could have a garden gazebo or add an awning for your deck. This way you’d still have a sheltered place to spend time out in your back yard, but wouldn’t have to worry about it interfering with your activities on the patio.

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Do-it-Yourself or DIY Patio Roof Kit?

If you are looking into how to build a patio roof for your home, it might be a good idea to look into prefabricated patio roof kits. These kits can really reduce the amount of time and labor that it takes for a do-it-yourselfer to add a patio roof to their landscaping. With the components already cut and measured, all it takes are a few simple tools and you can have a new patio roof without having to go through all the frustrations of planning out the project, rounding up the materials, fabricating the components yourself, and then setting it up. You can just skip to that last step and set it up.

Well, it’s not that easy of course. You still will need to research the different patio roof kits to make sure you’re getting a good deal, and not getting ripped off. It will also take quite a bit of effort when building a patio roof, kit or not. Certainly though, when going the kit route, your patio roof is going to be much less effort overall.

On the other hand, effort involved isn’t everything. Rook kits won’t be unique, and may not use quality components. With a true do-it-yourself project, you can have a lot of control on how the final project turns out, customizing whatever you want to your heart’s content.

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