Pergola Kits

If you are in the market for a new cover for your patio or deck, you may find that pergola kits can offer just what you are looking for as far as pergola designs and patio ideas go. Between the beautiful open design of a pergola and the ease of installation that a kit brings to the table, it really is an attractive option for your outdoor landscaping needs. It’s also an option that’s well within the reach of the average homeowner to add to their house, whether they have access to many power tools or not. Not everyone has a table saw, table planer, router, and various other power tools that are necessary to turn out high quality woodwork. And even those that do may not be able to match the quality of a well made pergola kit anyways.

The ease of installation of the kit doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is low. Because of how pergolas are designed, generally with very clean and straight lines, there’s not a lot of difference between a kit and handmade version. Straight lines are something that lends itself very well to automation or mass production techniques. You may find that the quality actually exceeds that of manually planing down your own wood runners, as the pergola kit version is likely to have very well matched and straight runners that would be hard to exceed in quality.

Also, by buying pergola kits, you open up the possibility of using alternative materials that wouldn’t be in the general repertoire of even relatively advance handymen. Not many people can properly form and wield aluminum, but with a pergola kit you can quickly and easily have an aluminum pergola that’s flawlessly designed. This way you can benefit from the anti-corrosion and lightweight properties of aluminum to have a truly extraordinary pergola that your neighbors are unlikely to be able to match.

Pergolas bring a lot of flexibility in regards to how they can affect the feel and utility of your outdoor living areas. By providing some protection from the harsh sun, but not closing off the sky completely like most other competing products, you can get an environment that is just right for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine being able to spend time on your deck or patio in comfort any time of day. This consistent and predictable ability to enjoy the outdoors is where you really get your money’s worth from a pergola kit.

DIY Pergola CC Photo form J. Bach (

But it doesn’t just end there either! Pergolas make great trellises for climbing plants. Whether it’s your favorite flower or a tasty fruit or vegetable, you can get a great deal of value out of the pergola in that regard. The plants will further cool things down by increasing the amount of shade that the pergola already casts. This is not just a an effect on temperature, but also the mood of the structure. Bright flowers can perk things up, whereas the green leaves can create a cooling and relaxing atmosphere. So you can view pergola kits as an opportunity to spruce up the place and add a comfortable outdoor living space all at once! The addition of pergola kits to a homeowner’s list of options for exterior decorating lends a great opportunity for a homeowner to make their home into something unique and special.

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