Pool Landscaping Ideas

One of the more enjoyable aspects of designing a yard is coming up with pool landscaping ideas. Pools themselves are a lot of fun of course, and so thinking up ways in which you can best accommodate and enhance that enjoyment can be very exciting. As can the prospect of having your very own pool!

That doesn’t mean that landscaping for your pool is all fun and games though. As with any other home improvement project there will be lots of planning and research involved to make sure you get the most value for your time and money. When talking about money of course there is a need to make a budget, which is generally not a very fun thing at all of course. Once that is out of the way though, you will have a much more clear idea of what type of swimming pool landscaping ideas are going to be viable options for you and your yard. Then you can get on to more of the fun stuff like coming up with designs for the pool and accessories.

Location, Location, Location…

Perhaps the most important thing in real estate is also the most important when landscaping, and that is making sure you get the right location. The most beautiful pool can be marred by having it poorly placed where it either can’t be seen properly, or where the view from the pool isn’t what it could be. Think about the different perspectives that will be involved from the house, deck, patio, and pool, and try to find a layout that will allow the best aspects of all the features involved to be visible from the comfortable viewing locations throughout your yard. This will help you to increase the aesthetic nature of your yard, as well as to help bring a sense of everything fitting together well.

At the same time the functionality of the pool and it’s surroundings can be dramatically altered by the location of the pool. For instance, if you have a pool that you will be placing in a small backyard, you probably don’t want the pool to be placed centrally. If you do situate it in the center of your yard, you will effectively be splitting up what little area you have for other purposes into very small portions. This drastically reduces the number of viable activities that you can accommodate in those areas.

Also you probably aren’t going to want to go with a really big pool in that situation for much the same reason. While the size of the pool is important, so is the size of the remaining area left over for other purposes. This holds true not just for functionality, but also for visual impact. A backyard pool which encompasses nearly the whole of the backyard is going to look somewhat overbearing, while a smaller pool may fit into the landscaping much more subtly and aesthetically. So in this sort of case, small backyard pools may be a better option than larger ones, even if budgeting isn’t a concern.

Accessorize Your Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

One of the more important aspects to backyard pool landscaping ideas is what items you choose to add to your yard to go along with the pool. Pool and patio furniture plays a big part in how the look and functionality of your pool will turn out, and so should be carefully considered even before you start on the pool itself. This way you can design the pool to accommodate the pool furniture that you want to incorporate into your landscaping, just as well as the pool furniture can be chosen to work well with the design of your pool.

For instance, this could mean modifying the patio or deck around the pool to allow for the use of specific furniture. Enough room needs to be allocated towards the pool furniture so that it is comfortable to use and won’t look too crowded, and given how some patio furniture sets can take up quite a bit of room, it’s good to know just how much room you are going to need before you finalize your pool and deck plans.

Also, knowing what look you want from your pool and patio furniture will allow you to better choose design elements, materials, and colors for your pool. This works in reverse as well, so the design for both should be developed with a cohesive vision for how they will work together to create the best backyard pool environment possible for you and the family.

swimming pool landscaping ideas

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Not all accessories for your pool will be patio furniture though. You may need storage locations for various items that will be used when enjoying your pool, as well as when maintaining it. A small pool house is often a good idea to include in your backyard pool landscaping ideas, as it can be an important visual as well as functional addition. Building it in a design suitable for pool use may mean having a tiki look to the building, or even something more regal like a gazebo type of building. Whatever you go with, make sure it not only works with the look of your pool, but with your house and the rest of the landscaping as well. Nothing is worse than going through all the work of building a beautiful addition to your lawn and garden, and then finding out that it’s style, materials, or colors clash with an existing feature. So plan ahead to avoid any costly or frustrating mistakes.

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